Indigenous Gullah Geechee Afro-Futuristic Visual Works

Turnin Pain inta Purpose. Mysery inta Music. Lyrics inta Lessons. Failures inta Foresight. Anger into Art.” - Mahoganëë Amiger

— original writings 2019

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Afro-Futuristic Conservation Art

Afro-Futuristic Conservation Art

Did you know that collard greens, a staple in Southern cooking, have deep roots in Africa? Transported to America during the transatlantic trade, they became a vital part of Lowcountry Gullah culture. -AfricaN American Maritime History 

Artist Mahoganee Amiger beautifully captures this historical journey in her collages that record this rich heritage, reminding us that food is not just nourishment, but a tapestry of culture and history.