The Life of an Artist who Teaches

Sound Healer | Musician | Songwriter | Poet | Visual Artist | Community Leader | Certified Teaching Artist | Creative Placemaker | Riley Fellow | Leo Twiggs Scholar | Recording Academy Member | GrammyU Mentor | 4.0 Founder Fellow | NCHE CoHLI Leader

Responsible ARTistry, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit founded by Mahoganee and her husband Andre Amiger. As Artist Educators with over 40 years collectively in the music industry they are able to provide a unique perspective and platform for Creativity that has a positive influence. 
As dedicated arts advocates and teaching-artists they are  sought after for Artists-in-Residence.   Their organization centers music as art therapy and education on artist development by hosting workshops, clinics and camps on music production, songwriting, song structure, stage presence, confidence building, and vocal production. 

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Through the Lens Riley Institute Capstone Nature Project 

Syllabus x Curriculum Coming Soon…

Artist Residencies

Saluda Trail Middle School (Photo by Sancho Smalls)

responsible artistry sound academy

 Day 2 Songwriting Workshop (Photo by Sancho Smalls)