Tied To The Land: a Gullah Heritage Symposium  

This Symposium was phenomenal on many levels. The exhibit is a must see in the Darrah Hall Building on Penn Center National Landmark. It was such an amazing experience as a panelist to be a Voice for artists on the subject of Gullah Land. I also had 3 pieces that I brought to give insight into my Art and how I process those emotions creatively. There was a Q & A afterwards just for the students that was phenomenal and I wish we had more time with them. Their questions and solutions gave me much hope for the future. 

“Shout out to the students, especially Christian Harvey, who curated this exhibit. Thanks to Morehouse alum and contributing faculty Zach Thomas, M.F.A.  for your photographic vision. Thank you to Barbara McCaskill, UGA and Mellon Foundation for financial support. Thank you to the National Patk Service for also being such a great partner.” - Corrie Claiborne Associate Professor at Morehouse College | Morehouse Movement, Memory and Justice Project 

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