My Mama & Winter Solstice  

Accompanying Song at the Bottom:

12.21 is a special day for me, for it is the day my Mama went to sleep and never woke up. 

In the depth of winter, 
I finally learned 
that within me there lay 
an invincible summer.

― Albert Camus

(( My Mama is my invincible Summer ))

I opened up my email early this morning and the above prayer/poem greeted me. Here is what was also stated in the message:

For our ancestors, the beginning of winter marked a sacred and deeply symbolic time and is now celebrated by many as Winter Solstice. It falls on the shortest, darkest day of the year and begins our return to brighter weeks ahead.

This year's winter solstice takes place tonight, Thursday, December 21st, and it beckons us to reflect and to surrender. 

Nowadays in the Western world, the shift to winter barely registers for most people - except that maybe it's time to haul your heavy coat out of storage and turn up the dial on your thermostat.

However, when we carry on living the same way regardless of the season, we lose the opportunity to connect with nature... and with our deepest selves. Even though we can control the climate indoors, it's vital that we pay attention to the lessons that the earth is sharing with us outside.

Ancient cultures like the Egyptians, the Maori, the Maya, the Celts, the Druids, the Inca and so many others - each celebrated Solstice. In the Chinese Taoist tradition, winter solstice is considered the most yin (dark / feminine / damp) day of the calendar. Energy comes to a momentary point of pause, before it gives birth to yang (light / masculine / heat).

Yin and yang form the basis of Chinese medicine and according to this school of wisdom, one cannot exist without the other. These two seemingly opposite forces are intimately connected and complementary.

I love this concept. We need times of darkness, quiet, stillness, healing and rest, as much as we need activity, noise, and light.

(The above excerpt is from Nick Pilozzi of The Social Science) and Nick spoke directly to my heart in his words today. 

I’ve been reflecting and surrendering to my feelings and emotions. I’m learning to honor my ancestors and for me that starts with honoring my Mama today. Taking time to acknowledge her Life and her Legacy which is still alive through me. 

-Dorothy’s BabyGurl

An Afro-Futurism Gullah Geechee Front Yard Exhibition

Winter Solstice ❄️☀️🌓

I needed to do something special fah My Mama on 12/21 so I’ve created 21 Pieces Fah Mama and I feel goodt bout it.

Our family home that I grew up in is no longer in the family so I decided to digitally create an Exhibit in the front yard of my childhood home.

I Love You Mommy
I Honor You 🙏🏾