21 Piece Exhibit Fah Mama 

(SEE Accompanying Song at the Bottom)

21 Pieces Fah Mama 💜
(An Entire Year of Allowing My Instincts to  Lead my Creativity)

💜Follow your instincts.

💜Trust Your Self.

💜Listen to your Inner Voice.

💜Stop Chasing Perfection, it doesn’t exist.

Mixed Media with Found Objects
Digital Design

I needed to do something special fah My Mama on 12/21 so I’ve created 21 Pieces Fah Mama and I feel goodt bout it.

Our family home that I grew up in is no longer in the family so I decided to digitally create an Exhibit in the front yard of my childhood home.

1137 (12) 21

An Afro-Futurism Gullah Geechee Front Yard Exhibition

Winter Solstice ❄️☀️🌓

I Love You Mommy
I Honor You 🙏🏾

These works were done partially in Support of Grants by: 
South Carolina Arts Commission

Acres of Ancestry Initiative/Black Agrarian Fund

Success is in the process 

Finding Joy through the Process 

The Doing is Communication with Mama

I’m Proud of MĒ

I’m Building on a Legacy 

The Legacy Began wit My Mama & Daddy

Joy Comes In The Doing 

CreaTiViTy is a Way of Life

CreaTiViTy cultivates Solutions 

Finishing what I said I was going to do is Joy

The World Needs Our Positive Energy 

These are my Offerings to Honor my Legacy

This is the Beginning of something new

The New will bring more JoY

Joy is a Necessary Goal. 

 -Mahoganee 💜