Alternate Realities 

Imagination is such a Powerful Tool.

We Live in a World where people are searching for alternative realities while also finding ways to repair our existing one.

Lowcountry Re-Imagined:

On St. Helena Island Queen Mother Octavia Spencer & Althea Gibson share a Feast of Beauty Adorned by Magical Sweetgrass Head Armor
Healing to a Hibiscus Sunset
with Palm Leaves connected by Jewels of Sweetgrass and Sankofa Breast Plate.

In the background is the Sun from Mother Africa and rhythmic energy is everywhere. Sealife protected by African Vibranium Fabric.

Landscape Photograph on Canvas
Digital Design
Mixed Media of fabric, found objects, Gold Paint
Please take a moment and listen to the song attached to this blog post for it is the magic my husband and I were able to harness and create.