Blessed by Brainerd and it’s Bounty of Literary Beauty  

When I received the invite to share my poetry on the Sacred Hallowed grounds of Brainerd Institute Heritage for a second time on behalf of the Gullah Geechee Heritage Corridor it was an elevated and even deeper honor. 

This time around I felt like a kindred spirit to Dr. Vivian Ayers after knowing more about her and diggin a lil deeper into her story as a Creative. Listening to Ms. Phylicia Rashad talk about how her Mama demanded respect for her creative hours in the 3-5am realm, made me think about my own Mama and who she was and could have been because we never had those conversations about being a creative, time alone which I view as self-care. 

I now understand my artistry is my super power. It’s my Legacy that I’m creating. Seeing Dr. Ayers harness that power into the magic of her poetic storytelling of what is now known as “HAWK” has truly changed my life and shifted my perspective. It’s a gift that keeps on givin. 

Please take a moment and listen to the song attached to this blog for it is the magic my husband and I were able to harness from our first visit to Brainerd Institute Heritage. 
Another magical moment was having the opportunity to meet and share space with this amazing Hueman, Ms. Vanessa Wyche while in Chester SC at the Brainerd Institute Heritage celebrating the 100th Birthday of Dr. Vivian Ayers.

Ms. Wyche is a Genius from the South.

Get to know this amazing woman from Conway, SC. 
She’s the Director of NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston. Vanessa Wyche has risen through the ranks at NASA for more than 30 years as an engineer and an administrator. Wyche is the first Black woman to lead a NASA center. She oversees 11,000 civil service employees and contractors working on human spaceflight missions.

It’s always an honor for my husband Mr. BounceBack and I to share time and space with our friend Victoria Smalls, who’s the Executive Director of the Gullah Geechee Heritage Corridor.