Poem • Monologue • Silliloquy • Haiku  

Ī imagine talking to Mami Wada (Ocean) silliloquy style cause there ain’t nobody around

I feel the energy of all dem memories in de air n rumblin underground

If trees could talk about Da South, my my my what would dey say

So much horror in these lands but also so much love in nature’s way

People like using SAT words, long terminology and soundin big so I throw one in there every now and then

Put e in ah title, make e sound fancy, straighten ya shoulders, life ya chin

Words care they want to be celebrated and used to tell stories bout wë ancestors




I also love photography, so yes these are my photographs. #WeOutchea 


Also there’s a song to accompany the post. We multi-faceted roun here 💚