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Hey y’all, I’m Mahoganee.

A recording and performing artist, vocalist, songwriter and multi-disciplinary artist born and raised in Coastal South Carolina, doing my part to be an Ambassador for my Gullah/Geechee Heritage and Culture.

“Hunnah mus take Khear de Root, fah heal de Tree”
Gullah African Proverb 

Wha Dey Say: Also referred to as “Da Sea Island Songbird” with a unique style of storytelling, blending elements of Jazz, Funk, Blues, Hip-hop with West African and Caribbean influence and instrumentation, touching on all elements of both contemporary and traditional American roots music, making her a quintessential modern FOLK singer. This music that ignites the senses and lyrics born out of their trans-Atlantic heritage that spark the soul is created by Mahoganee and her husband, music producer André (Mr. BounceBack) Amigér and they call it “Indigenous Soul Music”.  ;)

With music as my primary discipline, I’m a Certified Teaching Artist through the South Carolina Arts Commission in the Field of Music. I’ve been a musician professionally since 1991 and I'm grateful the learning and growing never stops. My work involves creativity and imagination as powerful healing tools to shape and craft the art.  My Residencies have included schools in my own community of Beaufort County such as Robert Smalls Leadership Academy,  Saluda Trail Middle School, York County, St. Paul Elementary School of Clarendon School District One, Killian Elementary School of Richland School District Two, Trinidad, Cuba and Belize with A Dream Come True Missions. 

Most recently selected as a 2023 Riley Fellow in the Diversity Leaders Initiative at The Riley Institute at Furman and simultaneously becoming the 2023 Leo Twiggs Arts Leadership Scholar through the South Carolina Arts Commission. Chosen by The Culture of Health Leaders Institute for Racial Healing into its Third Cohort of National Leaders 2024.
I am the co-founder along with my husband André Amigér of Responsible ARTistry, Inc. an arts education non-profit founded in 2006. Our mission is to arm youth with the imagination to survive through mentorship art camps, workshops and classes driven by fostering leadership skills, self awareness and understanding the responsibility of being good stewards of our planet through music and the arts. 
We are 4.0 Fellows, an organization that imagines a world where education leaders reflect the diversity of our nation, families and communities are co-owners in the process of vetting promising ideas that re-imagine the educational system. Our initiatives include Gullah Geechee land and water stewardship, building bridges to other coastal community countries internationally, inspiring change and finding creative ways to be an advocate.  

I’m the CEO of “The Mahoganee Xperience” where I bridge all of my artistry (music, visual, literary, photography) together to curate concerts, artist talks and other expressive events. 
On my site you'll find my BIO, my Music Catalogue, my Visual Art, my Literary Works, my Educational Work and Arts x Advocacy Journey via my Blog


The Mahoganee Xperience is an immersive Coastal Southern gath·er·ing of Gullah Geechee Indigenous Ancestral Expressive Arts: Afro-futurism storytelling through soulful folk songs, photography, mixed media and poetry.”


Mahoganee writes and performs a sonic journey of timeless music composed by her husband André (Mr. BounceBack) Amigér inspired by the Gullah Geechee culture of the southeastern Sea Islands and Corridor blending elements of Jazz, Funk, Blues, Hip-hop with West African and Caribbean influence and instrumentation. Songs of Da Wada, Black Love, Black Land Justice, Afrofuturism, Ancestral Mathematics, Time Travel, a Self Love Mantra, Carolina Jazz, Blues with a lil but of funk, rice and indigo can all be found on her latest release “Textures of a Southern Soul” (a Gullah Geechee Soul). 

Textures of a Southern Soul (a Gullah Geechee Soul) Vol 1.

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As an Artist I accept my calling to step into the gaps and be a Healer, Educator, Storyteller, Disruptor and Messenger of Love. To truly love one must tell the Truth, connect bridges and portals to our History and the Future. Ignite our Imagination to seek pathways that honor all of humanity. Mahoganee