Textures of a Southern Soul Art Exhibition

Exhibition x Artist Talk x Symposium

The Mahoganee Xperience yields the best of the Artistry of Mahoganee who is a Gullah/Geechee lowcountry creative and renowned improvisational vocalist. As a music cultural preservationist who believes in arts advocacy through strategic partnerships, Mahoganee’s latest work explores the concepts of life in the Sea Islands of her native home South Carolina through photography, mixed media, poetry and songs.

The exhibition features bodies of work that examine Afro-Futurism, time travel via portals, cultural identity, sustainability and creative social responsibility through environmental relationships. Her work is heavily influenced by the quote "The South is a Portal," an article by historian, writer, and educator Sara Makeba Daise, and the new book "BlackWorld" by American sociologist, author, lecturer, and educator Dr. Bertice Berry.

Mahoganee writes and performs a sonic journey of timeless music composed by her husband André (Mr. BounceBack) Amigér inspired by the Gullah Geechee culture of the southeastern Sea Islands and Corridor. Songs of Da Wada, Black Love, Black Land Justice, Afrofuturism, Ancestral Mathematics, Time Travel, a Self Love Mantra, Carolina Jazz, Blues with a lil but of funk, rice and indigo can all be found on her latest release “Textures of a Southern Soul” (a Gullah Geechee Soul).