Collards by Mahoganee (Gullah Art)  

Did you know that collard greens, a staple in Southern cooking, have deep roots in Africa? Transported to America during the transatlantic trade, they became a vital part of Lowcountry Gullah culture. 
-AfricaN American Maritime History

Artist Mahoganee Amiger beautifully…

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Mahoganee Selected for Riley Fellowship 



The Co-Founder of Responsible ARTistry, Inc. and CEO of The Mahoganee Xperience  joins a network of more than 2,700 leaders committed to creating social and economic progress in South Carolina.

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We Are Carolina Gold 

During my experience with TEDx Charleston at the beginning of 2023 I had an opportunity to meet the featured artist Okeeba Jubalo who designed the branding artwork that set the tone for the entire event. 
After the event was over…

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Bringing the Dream into Reality (LOVE WINDS) 

I’d envision the music from “Textures of a Southern Soul” a year prior being performed on the shores of St. Helena Island on land that was cultivated by black bodies. We started the concert early because it started to rain…

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TEDx Charleston ❌ 2023 Re-Emerge 

TEDx Charleston at Charleston Music Hall (an Amazing Venue) 

What a TimE to BE aLivE!!!! I’m grateful for every opportunity that aligns with my purpose! 
It was an honor to sing my song 1619 on the grounds of Charleston, SC…

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More Than Rhythm: a Black Music Series 

What a night this was. The Mahoganee Xperience truly came alive, I was able to truly live in and give the Xperience I’ve always dreamed about. There were several components happening at once and they all flowed seamlessly. I was…

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Da Wada Brought Us & Kept Us Exhibition



I’m so thankful and grateful for the gifts within us that keep on giving. 

I truly understand how Jehovah God fills us with what we need and free will to do with it what we choose.  
Staying tapped into our…

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Textures of a Southern Geechee Soul

Textures of a Southern Soul (Vol. 1) was cooked like a good pot of collard greens and cornbread. Inspired by my Culture, it’s about Family, Food, Gardens, Land, Water, Ancestral Mathematics, Self Love, Acknowledging the Pain and Healing, Home, Time…

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In Open Fields Project

In Open Fields: 

Release Date on all streaming platforms: 

7.7.22 at 7am 

On June 18th via Responsible ARTistry, Inc. we facilitated an interactive Community Song Project curated by the Gullah Geechee Cultural Heritage Corridor National Heritage Area for the Brainerd…

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